Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Over

I haven't been on this blog in such a long time. I noticed that my STATS from four months ago were 135 pounds, my stats of recently are 125 pounds. I felt proud seeing that, 10 pounds gone another 27 left to go! I also had to change my profile because it said, "I'm 17 and engaged..." now I'm 18 and married. Fancy that. Life changes so fast.

Yesterday I binged on all this shit food. Pepperoni pizza and chips and dip, among other things so I didn't want to weigh this morning and mess up my day. I'm planning on eating 400 calories today. We'll see how it goes. When I have to cram for finals and stuff I tend to eat more.more.more than I should. And today is finals DAY for me. I took off work and everything. ; )

I'll be updating.

1 comment:

  1. 10 lbs is awesome! It's like losing the equivalent of a whole (recently born) person! Though it's probably a little weird to measure weight in babies... Anyway, great job :) Keep us posted on how your exams go <3