Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carrots and Babies

I have just found a really amazing new food: Carrots. Like, who knew? I'm really in love with them. I dip them in two tbsp lite ranch which is only 80 calories and I'm quite satisfied.

Today I finally moved some of my things over to my fiances room. Just some odds and ends. I'm going to be married in 21 days! Wow. It's all solidifying itself as the time gets closer and closer.

I worked out today burning 520 calories. I ate 1,613 calories today - I'm pretty sure it's less than that though because all of my estimates where really high (Michael took me out to eat, Mom made chicken dumplings). It was really a bad day for me. My net intake for today is 1,093.

Every month when I'm suppost to get my period I'm scared that I'm pregnant because my fiance and I never use protection (don't ask, 'cause I don't know why we don't!). Every month when I'm about to get my period I freak out and think that all these symptoms are showing up and then a few days later I get the flow. Phantom Pregnancy. Well, I seriously think I'm pregnant this time. I know, I sound nuts because I literally say this every month. But, I should get my period tomorrow and I'll try not to say I told you so when I don't.

Keep me in your thoughts girls


  1. Wow, getting married so soon! :) You have reminded me that I love raw carrots, totally going to get one to munch on later. x

  2. Wow, almost a married lady! You must be super-excited :) And super-busy! I hope all the last minute plans are coming together well. And I *really* hope everything came through the way you wished on the pregnancy front... (there just isn't a very delicate way to say that, is there?!)
    Thinking of you!
    Sophie <3