Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cool Phone App

So, I will be the first one to tell you that technology mixed with me is a bad combination. We’re like colors that will never match and only look good on a four year old in a tutu. I’m usually asking my fiancé to turn on the TV or to work NetFlix (I somehow always manage to hit the controller the wrong way and then the screen turns black!). My sweet mother got me the Android for Christmas and I’m just now starting to work it (yes that was nearly three months ago!). I was mindlessly searching for nutrition and fitness apps yesterday and found a great one!

It’s called myfitnesspal. It asked me all these questions about my activity level and my goals and then constructed a plan for me. It told me that I need to work out three times a week (I do double that.) and eat only 1200 calories a day (I’ll eat half that.) It says that if I follow that I should lose two lbs a week. Slow and steadily is how they do. ; )

Yesterday I worked out and burned 260 calories, but I ate 1,281 calories, so my net calories were 1,021. They’re not exactly good numbers but I’m waiting on Miana to start our new diet on Monday. The scale went down by 1.5 lbs today – I don’t know how that even happened but I’m happy and I’ll take it.

This morning I woke up early and the birds were singing which plastered such a huge grin on my face. I went on the treadmill but since my ankle has been hurting me I just walked for twenty minutes on incline. Surprisingly, I burned a whole 210 calories. I’m hoping to get some of my family out today to go on a hike. I love hiking and being with nature – my fiancé does not –which would be the only thing I would ever ask to change about him.

I’m worried about Miana because yesterday she said she was going to party this weekend and that just always scares the shit out of me. She hasn’t replied since around noon yesterday (my time). Send little prayers her way.

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  1. I use 'my fitness plan' too. It's great! I love to see a plan in front of me. Also, go on, then go on the 'food calculator' and to the 'calorie maintenance calculator'. It's amazing because it shows you a table of your current weight and how long it will take to get to your ideal weight.

    I send prayers to your friend, hope she's okay.